The Resilient Practitioner

Thank you for engaging with these online learning materials about becoming a caring and compassionate practitioner. We have developed these with the health and social care practitioner in mind but the materials may be of use to others; just apply your personal context as you work thought the presentations and exercises.

This section has two core elements for you to complete. The first is a presentation on resilience, defining what it is and exploring why it is important for practice. Please complete this before engaging with the other materials. The second element offers you the opportunity to reflect on the principles you have learned about resilience and explore practical techniques for applying them to practice situations.

By the end of this page you will be able to:

  • Define resilience and understand what ‘being resilient’ in practice looks like
  • Consider why resilience is challenged in health & social care environments
  • Develop skills in resilience and explore how to enact practical techniques in your work
  • Critically consider how personal resilience can be challenged in your workplace and what strategies could be actioned to address this
  • Reflect on your own experience of resilience in practice and begin to really appreciate the value of being resilient in respect of practice
  • Critically reflect on the importance of raising concerns as a method of maintaining resilience in practice.

To begin, please click on the image below and engage with the presentation on resilience in health & social care practice.

To help you with your understanding and reflections on this presentation please also read the following references as most of the material in the presentation is taken from this chapter and book:

  • Abbott S. 2018. The resilient practitioner: Working in a context of change. In TJ Clouston, L Westcott & SW Whitcombe (Eds.) Transitions to Practice: Essential Concepts for Health & Social Care Practitioners. Cumbria, UK. M&K publishers.
  • Clouston TJ. 2015. Challenging stress burnout & rust-out: Finding balance in busy lives. London: Jessica Kingsley
  • The Kings Fund. 2021. Recovery and then renewal: The innovative imperative for health and social care. You can find this on the Gwella Leadership Portal here

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 13.30.43

Please watch this short cartoon by Dr Mark Forrest and Dr Shirley Remington on resilience in the health & social care workforce. The techniques you learn here can be built on and explored in more detail by visiting the ‘Dealing with work based stress & work-life balance’ page.

*Please note that the IQ link mentioned in the Youtube video requires payment. The other two, at time of  writing, free.

We hope you enjoyed engaging with this page. You might now find it useful to progress to the ‘Resilience & emotional intelligence page‘ or ‘Dealing with work based stress & work-life balance’ page. Alternatively, you can continue through the resilience section of this website in your preferred order.

If you wish to reference written materials found on this page please use the following citation:

Clouston, T.J. 2018. The Resilient Practitioner [Online]. Available at:  [Accessed: date].

The resilient practitioner pages are designed to help you develop techniques to add to your resilience and emotional intelligence toolbox. Each page explores a different challenge that you are likely to experience in your personal and professional life.

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