Preparedness for ‘real’ situations

This page is populated by stories of real experiences in preparing for work or in the workplace itself so that these ‘real life’ narratives can be shared and used as tools to reflect on and learn from.

In the first examples a student has written 3 blogs on her experiences of  preparing for interviews, having interviews and starting her new job.

In the second scenario students have written a script and prepared a short film around a real life experience of raising concerns about the behaviour of other staff in the workplace.

Staying Alive: how to ‘whistleblow’ or raise or escalate concerns safely in the workplace

Raising concerns or escalating concerns is now a necessary skill for all health and social care practitioners. For professionals it is a required standard of practice. See here for HCPC guidance, here for BMA and here for RCN guidance.

Click on the *image below to watch an interactive film looking at how to deal with whistle blowing or raising concerns about other staff in the workplace. This can be very challenging to do as you feelings about raising concerns about your colleagues can be very hard to deal with. How would you feel if you were James in the situation? Think through how you would deal with this situation or apply the principles to a similar challenge you may have had.

Special thanks must go to group B who made the film. Careers in Hollywood beckon, it seems…

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