Resource Hub – overview

Welcome to this e-learning hub, which has been developed to facilitate your development in terms of becoming a caring and compassionate practitioner.

The materials explore the meaning of being caring, in terms of displaying kindness and concern for others, as well as the practice of caring for others who need support in terms of both practice and leadership. There are lots of opportunities to reflect on the skills of being compassionate and caring for others with dignity and respect.

There are lots of resources that facilitate personal reflection on these complex issues and exercises that help you to consider strategies for developing your personal resilience, work-life balance and health and wellbeing. Completing these can help to address stress, burnout and compassion fatigue in the workplace. We have also added some materials and exercises to consider some of the challenges of working in health and social care, such as dealing with loss, death and dying. These sensitive and emotive subjects are often overlooked or avoided in training and in practice,  so we hope you find these materials reflective and supportive.

It has four main sections, these are:

  1. Becoming a caring and compassionate practitioner
  2. Becoming a resilient practitioner
  3. Compassionate leadership
  4. Developing skills for employability

Please use the links above to navigate around the site. You will see that each section has several subsections for you to engage with.

To get the best out of the resources you will find it most beneficial to begin with the ‘becoming a caring and compassionate practitioner’ section, then the ‘resilient practitioner’  followed by ‘compassionate leadership’. However, each section can be dipped into and used as you wish.

The final section, ‘skills for employability’  is available to Cardiff University members only; the rest of the site is free for everyone to access and use. We ask only that you cite the resource in your use.

We hope you enjoy your engagement with the materials and journey through the site.

*Please note that we have added additional resources to the site specifically to assist in the Covid 19 crisis as follows:

We have added some practical techniques, resources and links to relevant documents to support all who are dealing with death, dying and loss in these challenging times. The link to this page is here.

Specific links information and for self-help:

You may find these talks by Professor Paul Gilbert OBE, pioneer of Compassionate Focused Therapy and President of the Compassionate Mind Foundation a positive and reflective take on the present the situation. The nature of compassion fear, safe relating and world change.

These resources by Professor Teena Clouston offer practical techniques for positive thinking and mindfulness. You will also find the webpage a useful resource for addressing changing mindsets and using time meaningfully.

These free resources from Jessica Kingsley are specific chapters chosen from a range of self-care books and will be useful for all carers and health and social care practitioners. Our thanks to Jessica Kingsley publishers for releasing these as a free resource for all in these challenging times.

We hope you find these useful. Thank you.

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